I'm sad

This is still the best time 
to write your thoughts down. 
A very perfect time to deal
with your pen to let its ink give 
voice to your unspoken words 
that never seem to stop from
overflowing in your head. 
A time where you don’t mind 
being heard. You don’t care about 
who will be your listener or confider. 
You don’t mind being unnoticed. 
All you wish to do is to follow 
what your heart desires to do, 
this is to let the thoughts in your head 
be spilled on the paper and the 
enormous burden be taken off your chest. 
Even the battle never seems to stop 
from torturing you, you still feel at home 
to the tranquil surroundings of the night, 
because this is your time, 
this is the only time you own the world

Take it or leave it- cage the elephant

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